Modular PU Screen Bolts
  • Name:Modular PU Screen Bolts
  • Time:2017-11-6 14:58:09
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Polyurethane elastomer and abrasion-resistant screen panels afford the highest protection against wear and tear. Whatever your screening conditions (wet or dry). Whatever your feed rate, material size or bed depth. Whatever the application (scalping, fines removal, drain and rinse etc.), PU screen panels are manufactured with polyurethane screening materials that provide long life and consistent performance. 
Polyurethane materials for wear resistance.
Self-cleaning apertures reducing pegging and blinding.
Wide range apertures suit most applications.
Various panel sizes to suit all vibrating screens.
Different connection type for easy installation and replacement.
High screening performance.
Low noise.
Long service life and durable.
The polyurethane screen panels can fit various vibrating screens. It is widely used in various applications.
Steel plants.
Mining industry.
Cement plants.
Mineral beneficiation industry.
Power plants.
Coal washing.
Sand, gravel separating and screening.

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